User Guide Contents

Introduction to BMON

How to Choose/Set Up Sensors

How to Set Up Your BMON System

How to Use BMON Sensor Data

Appendix: Configuring LoRaWAN Sensors for BMON

Appendix: Notes on Various Sensor Applications

Appendix: Configuring Dragino LoRaWAN Gateways

Other Resources

Other web resources helpful for developing a monitoring plan and implementing BMON:

  • BMON User Forum: A forum for all users to post questions, answers and tips on hardware, software or anything else related to BMON and energy use in buildings.

  • Analysis North: The primary software developer, contains links to other related projects such as the heat pump calculator and AkWarm energy modeling software.

  • BMON documentation: Detailed software documentation for more complex situations and network administrators.

  • AHFC SEMP Manual: A manual to introduce public facility owners and managers to tools and resources that can be used to complete successful energy efficiency retrofit projects.

  • LoRa Alliance: the group representing the communication technology LoRa (Long-Range wireless communication).

  • The Things Network: The web service that enables LoRaWAN devices to communicate with BMON.

  • Monnit: A wireless sensor manufacturer utilizing a proprietary technology.

  • Dragino: A wireless sensor manufacturer utilizing LoRaWAN technology.

  • Elsys: wireless sensor manufacturer utilizing LoRaWAN technology.